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Words have the capacity to build us up or break us down. Our words can make someone's bad day better or their rotten day even worse. Words have immense power.

My name is Sunae Thomas. I am a teacher. A minister. A poet, writer and storyteller. A life coach and cheerleader. A special friend to the elderly. A tour guide for the young and a preacher of the Gospel. I use words and stories. To uplift, to encourage, to support, to influence, to heal, to empower and to help leave legacies.

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Jalisa Santana  & Taina Arias       Each will choose either a Personalized Gift In A Frame or Personalized Children's Book.


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Living & Leaving A Legacy


My Grandmother, Carneal Jones, as a very young woman. Me in all my high school glory. Donna and Kizzy down on my grandfather's tobacco farm. My Uncle Billy Ray Jones. Uncle Grady Jones. He was blind. Mother, more mature, but still had it going on. My Aunt Mary. The sexiest of them all. My mom, Amazing Grace, the strongest of them all. My step dad, Louis Thomas, who wouldn't let even his mom call us step children.

People and Places in my Legacy

From left to right and top to bottom. A young adult version of my grandmother; me as a high school grad; my grandfather's house on the farm in N.C.; my uncles Billy and Grady; an older version of my grandmother; my aunt Mary & my son Kwame; My mom and step day, Amazing Grace and Louis Thomas.

1. Why "BLESSING" Books?

For centuries, man has been asking. "why are we here"? Many reasons have been put forth, but I believe one of them, and maybe one of greatest of them...is to bless others. We created Blessing Books with the purpose of helping us to uplift, encourage, influence and empower those we love.

How does a book do that?

Through the sharing of our successes and failures {failures that can then become steps toward further success}; lessons learned; love shared; self explored; courage gained and our faith - kept and built. We can bless our successors - our children, grands and great grands, neices, nephews and friends- with our most precious gifts. Not material, but spiritual. Our deepest selves. Our greatest substance. Our essence. Our best selves. We leave them our stories, our memories....our legacy.

Leaving a Legacy in a Book

A Sample Blessing Book: "Baby's Five Lives". Click on the arrows to see sample pages.

Our Services

You have so much to choose from:

  • 1. Assistance in creating your own BLESSING BOOK or one for someone you love or admire, Prices begin at $75.00
  • 2. Creation of a GIFT IN A FRAME to show someone you care. Prices range from $30 to $75
  • 3. Creation of a very PERSONALIZED BOOK for a child you want to inspire. A gift to make reading so much more fun. $25.00
  • 4. Hosting or attending a "TASTE & TELL EVENT" (creating your BLESSING BOOK with friends and fun). Includes refreshments, activites, games, prizes and the starting of your Book. $10/pp plus cost of book. Hostess receives her book free plus 20%
  • LIVING & LEAVING A LEGACY. Programs centered on planning a future that leaves a legacy for youth programs or focusing on what legacy we have already left and continue to add to for those in senior facilities (nursing homes, assisted living programs...)

Let us help you bless someone...with your words.

Let us help you bless someone....with your words.
Thank you and Be Blessed Yourself!

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To order a simple Gift in a Frame, go to www.wordsworthreading.net There you can choose the artwork, mat, and the words you would like to say. For more specialized gifts (which we recommend), children's books or information on our Blessing Books call or contact us at:

Thank you and Be Blessed Yourself.


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