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Wartburg Fall Festival The Place Where it All Happens. My Creative Space. I met Kelijah last year and fell in love with this young man who only wanted to make his mom happy, Do you recognize this lady. Hint: She's an opera singer and leader in the field of music and it's affect on the mind. I made her a gift when she visited Warburg Entertainer, Sue Larsen, having just received one of our gifts.

Welcome to Words Worth Reading

We want to inspire you to inspire, encourage and empower those you care about through the Power of Your Words. We believe our gifts and talents are placed in us to help uplift each other. So we teach through workshops and presentations, book readings and special events the impact of the spoken/written blessing. To help facilitate the gifting of your words we create Gifts2NcourageU: Gifts in a Frame, Gifts in a Musical Frame and Recognitions in a Frame. Our Blessing Books and Blessings in a Frame are created to help our elderly loved ones leave their Legacy of Love. Our children's books, personalized with name, friends, hometown, letter of love and "about the star" page make your child the star of the story. How much more uplifting can you get. Make you child want to read. So you have a gift for every possible occasion, special or otherwise.

1. Gifts In A Frame

These one of a kind gifts are very personalized word gifts (poems, prayers...) printed on art backgrounds, matted and framed for special occasions. Or...for not so special occasions...when you want to say "I love you:, "good job" or "be encouraged".

click the image below to see more....

These gifts of encouragement are for everyone and every imaginable occasion. Some are just matted -no frame or picture. Others are matted with photos in matching mini-frames. Others have the works: mats, photo mats and frames. When there is a space issue, a picture cutout can sometimes be used. But you can see "what a difference a face makes". The choice is yours. Click on an image to see more.

A blessing for 
Ahmad Name meaning for a new baby Ashley. What a beautiful name Happy Mother's Day from the boys A tribute to the marine in your life. A couple and the meaning of their names. A gift for the cat lady that you love. Bro. Robert Blakney, honored by CMBC Missionary Ministry Recognition Award Honoring a community supporter He deserves to be honored often Sue Larsen, gifted on her retirement. God's blessings for Michael. Smaller gift for a minister who is a great friend. Encouragement for our graduate. Man's (and woman's)best friend.

They are laser printed using only acid free art backgrounds and mat frames. Can be given as is, but say you really care when you add the finish look of a wood, metal or other frame.

Of course, a picture in a matching mini frame puts the icing on the cake.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A sample of a gift made to celebrate a cancer survivor. A great way to honor someone this month of October. But cancer doesn't go on vacation, so celebrate them anytime.

2. Very Personalized Children's Books

Over 40 titles - Hardbound - Child's name, friends & hometown - his/her bio - photo & a love letter from the giver to be treasured years from now.. Click on the image to see some of our best titles.

Order Your Book Right Here! Don't forget to email the picture!

If you see a book title here that you would like to order for that special child, please complete this form and send child's picture with his/her name and your name/phone to the email adress below.We will call to clarify, arrange payment and confirm receipt of picture. Orders filled within 10 business days of confirmation. If you need quicker service and delivery, please call in your order to 914-468-4370

Books They Will Remember

My 26 year old was 9 when I ordered his first book. I wanted to see first hand how kids would respond. He was playing with friends when the book arrived. Of course, he did not want to stop. Since he was an avid reader, I knew I could push him to take a look. He did and when he saw his name, he was all in. What made it better was that the boys he was playing with were the same friends I had put in the book. They were all hooked. He still has the book. That's the cutie you just saw up above.

Our Services

You have so much to choose from:

  • Assistance in creating your own BLESSING BOOK or a BLESSING IN A FRAME for someone you love or admire, Prices begin at $75.00. Show someone how much you care.
  • E.G.G.S (Every Grand's Got a Story) Our effort ot HONOR every senior, even on a restricted budget, with one of the items above at little or no cost. As we age it's easy to forget our worth. Would you like to become a DONOR? Call for more info.
  • Creation of a very PERSONALIZED BOOK for a child you want to inspire. A gift to make reading so much more fun. $25.00
  • Hosting or attending a "TASTE & TELL EVENT" (creating your BLESSING BOOK with friends and fun). Includes refreshments, activites, games, prizes, sharing and the starting of your Book. $10/pp plus cost of book. Hostess receives her book free plus 20%
  • LIVING & LEAVING A LEGACY. Programs centered on planning a future that leaves a legacy for youth programs or focusing on what legacy we have already left and continue to add to for those in senior facilities (nursing homes, assisted living programs...)
  • BOOK READINGS at schools, libraries and daycare centers. Receive up to 3 free books, personalized for teacher/students. Materials left as take home to order their own personalized books. Teachers may purchase additional books at discount.

Thank you and Be Blessed Yourself.


Let us help you bless someone...with your words.

Let us help you bless someone....with your words.
Thank you and Be Blessed Yourself!

Contact Us

Please visit our extended website www.blessedbyyourwords.com to order a simple Gift in a Frame, There you can choose the artwork, mat, and the words you would like to say, approve and order and pay. We do our best to ship orders within 3 days. For more specialized gifts (which we recommend), children's books or information on our Blessing Books call or contact us at: